Sega Reports Reducing the Number of Workers Doing ‘Long Overtime’

Adding to the conversation surrounding crunch, Sega’s latest financial report stated that the company has cut “long overtime hours” (defined as working more than 80 hours of overtime) “by 80%–90%,”  in comparison to 2014. Of course, this figure doesn’t communicate how much overtime is being done at the company, which raises its own set of questions and concerns. It’s worth noting that these figures apply across the board at Sega including: Sega Games, Sega Entertainment, TMS Entertainment, and Sega Toys.

Below are the measures currently being taken to reduce long overtime hours. Reviewing and tweaking initiatives is cited as one of Sega’s top priorities.

Primary Measures

• Occupational training, compliance training (establishing and improving awareness)

• Attendance management, enforcement of punching-in (check for excessive or unpaid overtime)

• Individual alerts for employees per month

• Monthly reports on number of employees working overtime and amounts of overtime (release report through executive committee or the council of managing directors, share information regarding actual conditions)

• Consultations with superiors for employees working long overtime hours

• Establishment and fixation of no-overtime and no-meeting days

• Adjustment of work volumes, streamlining of meetings, revision of operational flow, etc

Within the same section of the report, Sega mentions the systems it has in place to help encourage creativity, including the option to study overseas to acquire MBAs at foregin business schools and the opportunity to take on a side job while still being a full-time, salaried employee at Sega.

We introduced the Job Plus (JOB+) side job system. This system allows full-time Group employees who have three or more years of continuous service with the Company to obtain side job employment outside of working hours with Company permission. The goal of this system is to raise the Group’s corporate value and inspire the creation of new innovation through new skills and experiences acquired while working side jobs. Moving forward, SEGA SAMMY HOLDINGS will actively implement new measures and engage in work-style reforms across the whole Group.

While the opportunity to generate income and gain experience elsewhere, while still being a salaried employee, is a rare and coveted option to many, it’s unsettling to fathom how much these employees must be working.

[Source: Gamasutra and Sega]