Here’s The Lowdown on Path of Exile’s Betrayal Expansion

As we noted earlier this week, popular free to play action RPG Path of Exile is coming soon to PlayStation 4, following a successful run on Xbox One. This release is perfectly timed for the latest expansionBetrayal, which hits the PC version on December 7, 2018. While it will land on consoles later in the month, developer Grinding Gear Games has released a breakdown of what Betrayal will add to the Path of Exiles experience.

You can start by watching the video above, which includes an introduction to the expansion’s story content, an introduction to the gameplay additions, and even a few minutes of commentary from the developers after the trailer ends. Then you can check out the official Path of Exile website, which features official details for all the new features, a countdown timer to the release, and information on the relevant Supporter Packs, which are available for purchase now for the PC version, and presumably will be added to the appropriate console marketplaces at the proper time.

A new group of antagonists collectively known as the Immortal Syndicate are the driving force of this content. Players will track down the individual members, and be able to fight them, bargain with them, interrogate them, and even convince them to help you out. Dealing with them, naturally, leads to new rewards.

Betrayal will introduce tons of new content, including new end-game maps, veiled items, masters, skills, and items. Some older skills are being revamped, as well as the mastercrafting system.