Marble It Up PlayStation 4

Marble It Up! is Power-Balling Its Way to PlayStation 4

Marble It Up!, a game first released on the Nintendo Switch, has just been made available for PC and Mac, with a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One port currently in development. It’s a bouncing marble game that throws you into 50 levels of chaotic, kinetic-based platforming puzzles. You’ll experience icy terrains, moving platforms, and gravity-bending surfaces across those levels, all while racing the clock. You can grab plenty of power-ups while you’re rolling your way to victory, granting you the ability launch into the air, slow time and glide through the air like a graceful cannon ball. There are also plenty of secret collectibles and swanky new marbles for you to unlock, too.

If you’re the competitive type, Marble It Up! will also feature a dynamic replay system, meaning you can race against both your ghost and those belonging to friends in order to smash their time records. Name a person that doesn’t want to be known as a master marble racer.

Marble It Up! currently runs at 60 frames per second on the PC, but no information has been given yet on whether that frame rate will persist for console ports.

If this seems up your alley, but you’re itching for another arcade-style title, you should keep an eye out for 198X. And if waiting is just too darn much, maybe take a gander at Conga Master or Penguin Wars.

Who else is excited for this arcade-style rolling extravaganza? Let us know in the comments.

[Source: Gematsu]