The Second ‘Spirit Horror’ Game, NG, Comes to PS4 in 2019

Experience’s Death Mark, a horror visual novel that came out for Halloween this year, is actually part of a thematic series. Experience calls it the “Spirit Horror” series, and the second title, NG released this past summer in Japan for the PS Vita. Now, the developer has announced a release date for NG on the PlayStation 4, which is February 21, 2019.

While Death Mark was a bit more secluded to locations such as abandoned schools and haunted forests, NG is more about horror infecting everyday life. Set in 1999 Tokyo, the story revolves around spirits from myth and legend attacking the protagonists in settings that may be familiar to players in real life.

The PlayStation 4 version will have updated visuals, with what seems to be a tune up of the horror itself as opposed to the fidelity (although a resolution bump is natural). The initial print run will come with NG‘s soundtrack, as well as “How to Make Good Coffee,” a drama CD set in the Death Mark story.

There’s no word on a localization yet, but this announcement is paired with Death Mark news as well. Experience stated the horror title shipped over 100,000 copies worldwide, and is now being adapted into a novel and a manga in Japan. Both will be based on the game, but have expanded scenarios and new scenes not present in the game.

The novel, written by Hitomi Amamiya, will release on February 20, 2019. The manga, written by Ena, will be published by Kakkiteki and released sometime in February as well.

[Source: Gematsu]