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EA Director Files Legal Case After Being Fired for Allegedly Making Inappropriate Remarks

Philippe Grenet, a senior director at Electronic Arts in Ireland, is seeking legal assistance after being fired from his position over allegedly making inappropriate remarks to a female colleague.

Grenet, who was earning €160,000 per annum as Director of Global Delivery Service, was accused of telling a female colleague based in Austin, Texas that he was not “going to pull my d*** out and put it on the table to see who has the bigger d***” in a one-to-one video call. Grenet denies that he made these exact statements but does admit that he said, “I don’t want to compare the length of my d***” during the conversation.

Grenet’s lawyer told the court that his client’s first language isn’t English, and that his statement was merely a poor way of saying that he “did not want to challenge” another employee. He also claims that the complainant (who was a member of his staff) was acting out of spite because she was unsuccessful in obtaining the position that he was appointed to. It’s unclear if the Texas-based employee, who Grenet made the remarks to, filed a complaint or not.

In an affidavit, Grenet accused the employee of displaying a negative attitude towards him and undermining his authority as her manager. He further alleges that this employee has a poor relationship with some other colleagues as well.

A court has granted Grenet temporary injunction, which prevents EA from going ahead with its decision and appointing someone else to his position until both sides of the argument are heard, and the case is resolved.

The house of FIFA has dismissed Grenet’s claims, arguing that he admitted to wrongdoing, and that the company followed its disciplinary procedures properly.

[Source: Independent IE via Games Industry]