FIFA 19 Update

FIFA 19 Update 1.07 Addresses a Major Issue With Online Matches

The latest FIFA 19 update should make online play better for everyone involved. EA has identified an issue where gameplay responsiveness could be negatively affected by one player’s poor network connection, not necessarily yours. This was unintentional. With this update, gameplay responsiveness should now rely solely on each player’s individual connection and not be affected by the connection of whoever you are playing against.

In comparison to earlier patch notes, update 1.07 is pretty brief and vague. But if it was important enough to release an official update and a new set of “pitch notes,” it should have a significant impact on gameplay. The changes made are likely too technical to clearly explain in more detail.

Below are the FIFA 19 patch notes in their entirety.

Online Modes:

Made the following changes:

  • Some improvements to the responsiveness of gameplay in situations where your opponent’s network connection may have been experiencing packet loss or high latency.
    • This change applies to the following game modes:
      • FUT Champions
      • FUT Division Rivals
      • FUT Online Draft
      • FIFA Pro Clubs
      • FIFA Co-Op Seasons

As usual, this update launched first on PC and has since come to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Unsurprisingly, considering the popularity of soccer, FIFA 19 continues to dominate the UK physical sales charts and this realistic sports sim even landed a spot on Our Editor’s Choice Awards 2018.

Are you happy with the strides the FIFA franchise has made this year? Is this FIFA 19 patch going to be a life saver for you? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source: EA]