Konami Has Plans to Celebrate 50th Anniversary With New Content

The latest issue of Famitsu is all about the new year, and as we and video games head into 2019, several personalities and companies sent New Year’s greeting cards and messages to the magazine. While many companies, such as Atlus, Compile Heart, and Spike Chunsoft, sent “we have new games coming” messages, one stood out in particular. Konami, a company many are still trying to work out their feelings about as we close the books on 2018, noted that its plans revolve around a milestone anniversary coming up in the next few months.

Konami was founded in March of 1969, meaning the company, which is still run by the same founding chairman, is headed toward its 50th year. And sure enough, according to a translation from Gematsu, Konami’s New Year message reads, “We’re planning to develop products and services that celebrate our 50th anniversary.” While this isn’t the most remarkable statement in the world, it’s certainly one that gets the gears turning, especially with Konami’s unique circumstances.

2018 has been a weird year for Konami, as we’ve seen the fallout of sorts from a very public falling out with Metal Gear figurehead Hideo Kojima, an ostensible departure from console game development, and this year, what seems like a slow return. 2018 started off oddly with Metal Gear Survive, but continued with unexpected support for Super Bomberman R, and a renewed spotlight on Castlevania that included the Netflix show, but also a new port for PS4, a new website with a series timeline, and of course a huge presence in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Perhaps Konami has plans to dip further into its well of renowned IP for a 50th anniversary blowout. More pachinko machines wouldn’t warrant a Famitsu appearance, right?

[Source: Gematsu]

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