Destiny Connect Lets You Customize Your Robot Party Member

More information is coming out on Nippon Ichi’s upcoming RPG Destiny Connect. One of the characters featured in the generation-spanning story is the time-traveling robot Isaac. He’s key to saving a town stuck in time, but he’s also got some tricks up his sleeve. In addition, we’ve learned about new characters you’ll encounter on your journey.

In true RPG fashion, you’ll be able to upgrade Isaac’s stats and abilities. By defeating enemies and collecting parts, you can fashion gears that give Isaac all kinds of boosts. Different slots have upgrade different attributes, and the kind of gear used determines how much the stat is increased. There are three different kinds of gears to use: gold, silver, and copper.

But that’s not all Isaac is capable of.  He has access of six different forms, although only two have been detailed so far. The first is Guardian Form, which is his default form. It has bad evasion, but its designed to protect everyone. Abilities in this form include “Iron Wall,” that raises the defense of the entire party, and “Radiant Beam,” which attacks all enemies.

Rescue Form, on the other hand, is designed to help those in need. “Medical Shower” heals everyone’s HP, while “Hazmat Cleanup” both deals damage and lowers an enemy’s attack. These forms can be changed on the fly, and don’t use up a turn, which really opens up how strategic you can be with them.

In addition, more characters have been revealed by Nippon Ichi. First, we have the duo of Truth and Dumpty. Both are encountered in the past, and can usually be found together. Truth is a bad-boy with a heart of gold, and Dumpty is his gluttonous and confrontational best friend. Another character found in the past is Aria, who works at the local cafe.

Destiny Connect, an RPG attempting to recreate the magic of the 16-bit RPG in the 21st century, will be released on March 14, 2019. It was originally supposed to release in February, but suffered a short delay. It’s releasing for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Here’s hoping we’ll get a Western release announced soon.

[Source: Gematsu]