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The Klonoa Anime Movie is Officially Cancelled

In 2016, an anime movie adaptation of Bandai Namco’s platforming classic Klonoa was announced. This film was to be backed by US-based production company Henshin, and written by Hitoshi Ariga. Ariga, a mangaka perhaps best known for his work on Mega Man manga, who was also character designer on the project, confirmed the news over the weekend on Twitter.

The tweets are all in Japanese, but a popular Klonoa fan blog on Tumblr has provided a rough translation. Aiga apologized to the fans awaiting the movie of course, then implied that it would be difficult to explain exactly why the project was cancelled. He alluded to multiple reasons within the anime and film industries, and noted the stakeholders “tried their best.”

For the fans, Aiga (who also created a Klonoa webcomic for Bandai Namco in the past) noted that he hopes to be able to release his story and art work he created for the film. He thanked the fans for their support, but also stated he could not answer further questions on the matter.

Things have been quiet on the Klonoa movie project was announced, but fans started to worry earlier this year, when the project’s social media and internet presence started to disappear. Henshin removed information about multiple projects from its website, for example. It was suspected that could have been due to an upcoming redesign, but months later the website hasn’t changed, and now we have official confirmation the movie is no more.

Klonoa was last seen on the Wii and Game Boy Advance in North America, but the first two games in the series debuted on the PlayStation and PlayStation 2 respectively. The original game, Klonoa: Door to Phantomile, is still available on the PlayStation Store.

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