The Trippy Walking-Sim Proteus Is Getting Physical on Vitas

Next Friday on January 18, 2019, Limited Run Games will be launching a physical edition of Proteus for the PlayStation Vita. Get a chance to walk through a colorful world without worrying about a download! It will be available in two batches, with the first sold at 10 am ET and the second at 6 pm ET.

This unique walking simulator was originally published by Curve Digital for the PC, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation 3 in 2013. Proteus received enthusiastic feedback for its meditative gameplay and unique visual style. In the game, players wander and explore lush, procedurally-generated islands. As players explore, interacting with the surrounding natural environment and wildlife generates a tranquil procedural soundtrack which sets the tone for this laid-back adventure.

It’s a unique game for sure, and some patrons were curious as to how Limited Run Games landed on Proteus for its next physical release. To say the game appeals to a niche audience is a bit of an understatement, but these guys are interested in preserving this fascinating piece of indie game history.

The official Twitter account offered the following explanation:

There was a point in early-2017 where people noted that we had published many of the best ‘walking simulators’ on PS4. It only felt right to offer an acclaimed one on Vita. This was signed alongside a few other Curve Digital games like Hue. It breaks from our ‘standard’ archetype for Vita releases, but we believe this is an artistic game that deserves preservation. It’s not available on any other platform we publish on (outside of PS3), so Vita was the logical choice for us at the time.

If you’re a physical game collector and little-known-but-celebrated indie releases are the kind of thing you covet the most, you’ll want to make sure you’re up and ready to order when Proteus is listed next Friday. Your sources for physical PlayStation Vita games are ever-dwindling, so good luck snagging this one!