War Tech Fighters Will Blast Its Way to PS4s in 2019

War Tech Fighters will be coming to the PS4 in Q2 2019, giving you a chance to partake in epic space battles in a sci-fi action game packed with mechs mech. War Tech Fighters will send you to space with a fully customizable mech, giving you literally thousands of options to choose from. Drakkar Dev will prepare 33 fast-paced, single-player levels that can be played in either a first-person or third-person views.

It appears like War Tech Fighters will feature more than just basic mech weapons, as it boasts vast and expansive customization options. You can choose from different bullets, lasers, swords, magnetic weapons, and shields. Along with that are the countless paint options, giving you control over your War Tech and ensuring that every pilot has a personalized experience.

In addition to mech battles, War Tech Fighters will have a variety of stages that will send you navigating through radiation fields, stealthily sneaking past enemies, or even solving environmental puzzles. This should break up the gameplay and keep things fresh, making it easier to stick around for longer. Aside from the many single-player missions, War Tech Fighters features extra challenge levels and survival modes, making this feel like a more complete package.

Exclusive to the console release, the release will include the Archangel War Tech special set. This will start you off with the powerful Glory Sword, Redemption Halberd, and Faith Shield, giving you an extra boost right away.

We’ve been starving for a great mech game as of late, so this one could be just what you’re looking for. Well, if you’re into that kind of thing. This might be one to keep on your radar if you’re looking for something to scratch that Zone of the Enders itch. You’ll also have the opportunity to play it at PAX South later in January 2019.

While there is no set release date or price point for War Tech Fighters on consoles, it’s slated for summer 2019. We’ll let you know once an official release date and price have been locked in.