Vane Is an Intriguing New Adventure Game From Some of Gaming’s Brightest Minds

Vane is described as a “labor of love” from Friend & Foe Games, an indie studio comprised of veteran developers with studios like Guerilla Games and Sony Japan Studio on their resumes. Vane promises to take players on a mysterious journey with magic, puzzles, and discovery at its heart, and it launches on the PlayStation Store tomorrow on January 15th.

Friend & Foe Games co-founder Matt Smith teases,

In Vane, you’ll be navigating open deserts, mysterious caves, and stormy, dark places full of mystery. You’ll use the golden material to transform, going from bird form to survey the area, changing into a child to affect a change, and back again. As you move through the world in this way, a strange momentum accumulates, and the world begins to transform as well. It’s in this transformation of the world itself that the story of Vane shows through, and it might take some unexpected turns.

Vane begins in a desolate desert, with naught but sandy hills and twigs as landmarks. As a bird and as a child, you’re asked to explore your surroundings and discover the world on your own. There is no HUD, there are no characters to ask for guidance, and text is reportedly kept to a bare minimum. You’re left alone to wander, and it’s your own curious instincts that will help you unravel the mysteries that Vane is hiding. Needless to say, the landscape and tone of the game do shift dramatically, and if you’re planning on playing Vane, we recommend you refrain from looking up more screenshots that can (and will) spoil mid-to-late-game settings.

If you’re getting some Journey or Abzu vibes from Vane, you’re not alone. The curious debut from Friend & Foe Games will be available in mere hours, and we look forward to hearing some of your impressions! Be sure to come back after playing, and let us know what you think of Vane in the comments!