Vane Developer Says It Will ‘Look Into’ a Physical Release

We recently got our hands on Vane, a puzzle-platformer from developer, Friend & Foe Games and we liked it quite a bit. It’s interestingly-designed, features abstract story-telling, and a great soundtrack, among other things. After the launch of the game, the studio behind Vane took to Reddit for an AMA, revealing some fascinating pieces of information about the game’s development. One of the comments even said it is considering investigating a physical release.

Without diving into every question that was asked, we can touch on some of the highlights that are worth mentioning.

In response to a physical release, Friend & Foe Games had this to say:

Nothing concrete at the moment but we’d love to do it! Once the dust from launch has settled a bit we’ll look into it.

One user asked about a Vane day-one patch that reviewers missed, influencing their final scores of the game:

Hey! We were aware of some of the issues, and unfortunately some reviewers did not get the day 1 patch, which colored initial impressions. As a small team we’ve had limited resources for testing, but clearly some of the issues were bigger than we anticipated even after the update, and not catching them is nobody’s fault but our own. We’re of course not happy having bugs get in the way of the experience, so we are hard at work on patching them out!

Another user asked if the reception to Vane after PSX 2016 influenced any changes, due to the freeform nature of the game:

You’re right – it is a core part of the game, and while we were never willing to compromise on the core tenet of unguided exploration, showing the game at PSX 2016 was a reality check. People had a hard time just getting around the environment.

In response we added things, but mostly subtle things. Landmarks you can see in the distance, some interactable items, that sort of thing—we didn’t back off of our initial thesis of a game that doesn’t hold your hand.

Finally, Friend & Foe Games was asked to compare Vane to other games:

We have a hard time making those comparisons after years of staring at this game! Our flip answer (but pretty true) is “Arma 2 without guns”, or “the Dark Souls of walk-em-ups”. We get a lot of comparisons to Journey and Inside and those also have some truth to them.

Again, if you want to take in the full AMA, check out the Reddit post to learn a lot about the development of the game. Did you play Vane? What did you think of it? Let us know!

[Source: Reddit]