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PlayStation Now Will Expand to New Regions in Europe

PlayStation Now, Sony’s gaming subscription service, will be making its way to new parts of Europe, as detailed in PlayStation’s official blog for the EU. The specific regions are listed below.

Gamers in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Finland and Sweden will soon join UK, Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Austria, Luxemburg and Ireland in having access to over 600+ games from the PS4, PS3, and PS2 eras.

However, PlayStation Now won’t roll out immediately to these regions. While players wait on confirmation regarding the official launch date, those in the aforementioned regions can register for the PS Now beta starting January 23, 2019. The beta itself won’t take place until February 2019.

If you’re in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Norway, Denmark, Finland or Sweden, you can sign up for the beta at the PS Now beta registration site. The beta is currently exclusive to the PlayStation 4, with PC owners needing to “wait a little longer to get their hands on the service.” With PS Now, you can stream Ps4, PS3, or PS2 games to your PS4 or PC or play offline in full native resolution by downloading the PS4 and PS2 games directly. The PS Now library is constantly being updated.

The official blog post ends by pointing out some recent hits to come to the service, such as Prey, For Honor, Mafia III, and DiRT 4.

Are you a PS Now subscriber? Which games do you want to see added to the service? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source: PlayStation EU]