Murder Detective Jack the Ripper Is a Visual Novel With Many Faces

When Nippon Ichi Software first revealed its newest title, Murder Detective Jack the Ripper, very few details were released. All that we knew about it was that it took place in a fictional London, and would center around a murder investigation. However, more information has come to light, showing this investigation may be more complicated than originally thought. Because it turns out, your greatest enemy is (wait for it) yourself.

The first bit of information teased branching paths, but we weren’t entirely sure what that meant at the time. Unfortunately for private detective Arthur Hewitt, it means that he essentially has split personalities. The strain of investigating a series of grisly murders awakens another side of Arthur, a more murderous side.

It has been confirmed that Murder Detective Jack the Ripper is a visual novel. Based on your choices, your character will slowly fall into either the “Murder” or “Detective” paths. Depending on what side of Arthur’s personality you choose to submit to, the story will change accordingly. Of course, this also has an impact on the overall ending of this story.

Speaking of endings, making bad decisions can lead to a less than fortunate ending for Arthur. From being unable to solve the case to, well, death, a number of bad endings can arise. Should you run into one of these bad endings, the game will tell you what exactly went wrong. But a straight explanation would be boring, so instead, Murder Detective Jack the Ripper brings you to the “Bonus Theater.” There, you’ll learn your fault through humorous, chibi-style interactions.

As with any good visual novel, there are also numerous side stories available. These can be unlocked by meeting “certain conditions, and come in many forms. They could be stories separate from the main case at hand, or a “what-if” scenario detailing what your choices could result in. All in all, Murder Detective Jack the Ripper certainly seems to have a lot for fans to discover.

Murder Detective Jack the Ripper will release in Japan on April 25, 2019. It will be available on the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. No Western release has been confirmed at this time.

[Source: Gematsu]