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Hundreds of Blizzard France Employees Waiting to Learn If They’re Being Laid Off

Activision Blizzzard recently announced that, despite a record year, it’s cutting approximately 800 positions across its offices around the world. Although employees in the U.S. and some European countries were informed earlier this week whether they’ve been laid off or not, those in France have not.

Blizzard France employees have told Kotaku that at least 134 out of 400 people in Versailles are set to lose their jobs but due to legalities, they may have to wait for months before they learn about their fate.

French law makes it difficult for companies to lay employees off immediately without notice. While this may be a positive thing, Blizzard France employees are now in limbo, and morale is understandably low.

“No one knows any details and this is taking a big hit on the morale of the folks over here,” an employee told Kotaku on condition of anonymity. “Not knowing if you will be laid off in a few weeks or months sucks and many people here are already updating their LinkedIn because they want to be prepared for when they will be told what will happen exactly.”

Another employee likened the situation to a “two-edged sword” because it gives employees time to mentally prepare for cuts and start looking for jobs elsewhere. However, it also makes things difficult because no one knows who’s being let go, and when.

“On one hand it is good to be able to prepare, but the way it was handled and that no specifics were given, no names or dates, makes it really awkward,” they added.

Our thoughts go out to all those who’ve been affected by the layoffs, and we hope that they find employment soon.

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