Celebrating the Redesign With Giveaways! $1000s in Games, Codes, Swag, and More

We here at PlayStation LifeStyle are pretty excited about our new redesign that’s been a long time coming. What we’re most excited about is how it improves the browsing experience for you. We understand that there are still a few quirks to work out, but for the most part, reception has been really positive and the feedback has really helped us. To thank you and celebrate this big milestone for PSLS, we worked with one of our PR partners to bring you a massive giveaway. In fact, this giveaway is so big, we’ll be spreading it out through all of next week.

Starting Monday, March 4th, keep an eye on PlayStation LifeStyle for the first giveaway post to go live. We want you to enjoy the redesign and visit the site, so prizes will exclusively be given out right here, rather than via our social channels as we’ve done with past giveaways.

Here’s a quick sneak peak at some of the prizes we’ll have up for grabs:

  • Codes for brand new releases (some not even quite out yet!)
  • A collector’s edition of a game
  • Physical copies of games
  • A pretty massive prize worth $250 that we’ll tell you more about next week (if you like to stream or capture, you’ll be interested)

Of course, it’s PlayStation LifeStyle, so all games are on PlayStation platforms (PS4, PSVR, and yes, even PS Vita!). Stay tuned for more details on what we’ll be giving out on Monday.

We’d like to offer a big thank you to Gilberto Williams-Gamboa, Kjell Vistad, Scott Fry, and the rest of the amazing team over at ONE PR Studio. They were able to reach out to the partners that they work with in order to provide this smorgasbord of great games and gear for you to enjoy, all because we got a little upgrade and they wanted our readers to have a little something to celebrate. We’ll be talking more about the specific partners that they work with in the giveaways themselves next week.

All game codes will be North American PSN codes, so you will need an NA account to redeem them. Shipping for physical items is limited to the continental US.

Thank you again everyone for reading, and we look forward to seeing what you all win next week in our big VR, Vita, and PS4 game giveaway extravaganza!

(Disclaimer: All prizes were provided by ONE PR and the associated partners for the purposes of this giveaway. Please note that there are no editorial stipulations behind the giveaways. We have not been asked to alter any review scores or otherwise compromise any coverage of the associated games and studios. PlayStation LifeStyle remains committed to ensuring that our editorial coverage remains independent and honest.)