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Call of Duty and Dead Space Veteran Launches AAA Studio, Original New Game Already in Development

Former Call of Duty Creative Director, Bret Robbins, has announced the launch of his new AAA development company, Ascendant Studios. With the help of industry veterans that include Dead Space and Telltale‘s The Walking Dead developers, the studio is already working on a new action shooter.

“This is a dream I’ve had for years, and I’m so excited to finally have the opportunity to start a brand new studio,” said Robbins. “Our focus is on making high quality, original games. We are in a rare position where we have the freedom to do things the right way without outside pressure and make something that is truly new and exciting.”

In a statement to Games Industry, Robbins revealed that his San Francisco-based studio will take lessons learned from Dead Space, the “last wholly original game” he worked on, and apply it to future projects. Ascendant will be expanding its team over the next year to as many as 100 employees.

“I want to make a big game that’s right up there with the best games ever made,” Robbins told Games Industry.

Ascendant is already looking for a Concept Artist, Senior Gameplay Engineer, Senior Animator, and Senior Environmental Artist to help fulfill its ambitions.

“It’s just a matter of being pretty rigorous with reviewing and analyzing work and communication,” Robbins continued. “Really being able to communicate a vision well to the team is hugely important. One of the things that’s the hardest to do, especially when you’re starting something new, is keeping everyone aligned around a particular idea or vision.”

With a career spanning two decades, Robbins is confident that he will achieve his goals.

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