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So, Uh, Tetris Is Dropping Diaper and Cosmetics Product Lines In 2019, Among Other 35th Anniversary Products

It truly is Tetris fever, as the Tetrimono blocks will be hitting the potty and beauty bags for the series’ 35th anniversary this year.

Targeted towards millennial parents and those with an affinity towards Tetris, Kanga Care will have a line based on the blocks for their baby products, including diapers, diaper covers, blankets, changing pads, and more. Their line of Rumparooz one-size diapers contain double inner-gusset leak proof technology, which make them more protected against spillage than the average brand, and they have a higher quality fit for your little gamers. They also claim their products are eco-friendly

Beauty brand ipsy is also partnering with Tetris with a limited edition Glam Bag and cosmetic collection. The company has a subscription box model (in this case, Glam Bags).  The Glam Bag ($10 a month) and Glam Bag Plus ($25 a month) comes with a personalized set of five makeup and beauty products; the Plus is all full-sized products, and the normal bag is a mixture of samples, deluxe, and full size products.

Both Kanga Care and ipsy will have their Tetris products in the US, but those aren’t the only Tetris branded product lines to celebrate the series’ big anniversary. Fairplay is offering graphic t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatpants, Sock It To Me will have Tetris branded socks for men in the summer, MC2 Saint Barth will have board shorts, and Baroque Japan’s MOUSSY brand will have a 35th Anniversary t-shirt collection in June for its New York store. No images have been released for any of these products.

“From makeup and accessories to T-shirts, day wear, socks, baby gear and more, fans will have a range of smart, modern designs to show their distinct personalities and affinity for Tetris,” Maya Rogers, President and CEO of Blue Planet Software, the owners of the iconic brand of games said.

What other Tetris products can you think of? There have been card games, lamps, 3D puzzles, mini arcades, and at one point a trilogy of movies was being developed.

The original Tetris came out on the Electronika 60 from Russian scientist Alexev Pajitnov 35 years ago in 1984. It then blew up five years later on the Game Boy with over 35 million copies sold. Jump to now, and Tetris has remained relevant with the critically acclaimed Tetris Effect and the battle royale take on the formula, Tetris 99.

(Editor’s Note: I never thought I’d have to edit an article about video game branded diapers in full detail, but this truly is gaming in 2019.)