Get the Dead or Alive 6 Costume Parts You Want With the Next Patch

The action-packed fighter Dead or Alive 6 is getting adjustments to its costume reward system, thanks to a new update.  To celebrate, the launch campaign that multiplies the drop rate of costume parts by 100, is being extended. As you punch your way through the Ranked, Arcade, Time Attack, and Survival modes, you can earn materials to unlock costumes, which you then buy for coins. During this promotion, you will get 100 times more materials until March 28th, 2019.

A common complaint about the rewards, however, is that you can’t unlock the costume parts you need for the character you are playing as. It’s completely random what you get. With Dead or Alive 6‘s 27 character roster, it’s an undertaking to find all the parts required to get new costumes.

Koei Tecmo, seemingly as a result of this criticism, is releasing a patch on March 15, 2019 to resolve this issue. The company said on Twitter, “We will adjust costume obtention in-game parameters.”

Dead or Alive 6 has also been critiqued for its lack of a lobby system in place at launch. This means Ranked is the only online multiplayer option at the moment. Supposedly, it will be coming later this month. We don’t know if it will be included in this upcoming patch.

Another aspect of Dead or Alive 6 that has rubbed people the wrong way is the $93 Season Pass 1 price. While costing more than the game itself, it will include 62 costumes and 2 new characters from March to June 2019. One of the characters included is The King of Fighters‘ Mai Shiranui. Some of the costumes locked behind the season pass are the technomancer gear for Nico and the wrestling costume for Nyotengu. The upcoming wedding outfits will also be a part of the season pass.