PlayStation Now Sale Majorly Drops Price of 12-Month Subscription

PlayStation Now launched in 2014 in North America. It features games that is streamed over an internet connection, similar to Google’s recently announced Stadia service. Only it is, you know, actually out. While PlayStation Now is usually offered in one and three month subscription options, every now and then a deal on a full year of service comes along at a price that is too good for some to pass up. This is one of those times.

When available, the year subscription tier for PlayStation Now is usually $99.99, but it is currently on sale on Amazon for $59.99. This represents a discount of 40%. That works out to approximately $5 a month. This is also the only subscription tier on sale, as the normal one month price remains at $19.99 and the three-month package is still $44.99.

It’s worth noting that, while Sony says that streaming games requires a minimum of a 5 mpbs internet connection, that is for ideal network conditions. If your console or compatible device (currently only the PS4 and PCs) is the only thing on the network, then you might be able to stream games successfully at lower conditions. But whose house isn’t filled with all kinds of internet-connected devices, such as phones, tablets, and smart TVs? So, make sure you have a decent internet connection before splurging on this year subscription.

Is this discounted price point low enough to tempt you? There is no word on how long this discount lasts, so get it while you can! Considering there are over 650 games available to stream and more than 200 games available to download through PlayStation Now, there is certainly value in such a subscription, assuming you have a robust enough internet connection. With everything from arcade sports titles and RPGs to modern PS4 games, there’s bound to be something to find in such a large catalog of games for all kinds of players.

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[Source: Amazon Via: Twitter]