Super Neptunia RPG Gets Western Release Date and Gameplay Details

Following some delays, Idea Factory International has announced that Super Neptunia RPG will release for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on June 25, 2019 in North America, and on June 28th in Europe. The game is also headed to PC in both regions on June 20th.

Super Neptunia RPG follows the story of Neptune, who wakes up in a “familiar” world suffering from amnesia. With no recollection of anything except for her name, she teams up with a mysterious girl named Chrome alongside other characters from the Neptunia series, and sets out to try and regain her memory. However, the world is under attack by forces who want to set its clock back to the 2D era, and it’s up to Neptune and her friends to prevent that from happening.

Over on its official website, Idea Factory detailed Super Neptunia RPG‘s Skills and Abilities. A breakdown is as follows:


  • Skills are attacks that characters can use with each Formation. You will be able to use them by either equipping items endowed with Skills or by learning said Skills.
  • You are able to use a Skill that is held by an item by equipping that item. By winning a battle, the items you have equipped will gain experience, and by fulfilling the conditions, you will be able to learn the Skills held by that item. After learning the Skill, even if you unequip the item, you will still be able to use that Skill.


  • Abilities are skills that strengthen and support a character. They are held by equipment (weapons, armor, accessories), and you can set them by equipping said item or learning that Ability.
  • You can set Abilities by using Ability Points. By unequipping Abilities, you will recover Ability Points. Ability Points will increase in accordance to a character’s level.

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[Source: Idea Factory International]