Disc Jam No Longer Has Issues With Changed PSN IDs

When the ability to change PlayStation Network IDs were finally enacted worldwide, the feature came with a mountain of risks. One of these risks was the fact that there were certain games that simply were not compatible with the change. This included Disc Jam, which was grouped as with the other games with “critical issues.” However, Disc Jam developer High Horse Entertainment is saying that it fixed these issues, meaning Disc Jam now fully supports PSN ID changes.

Players going into Disc Jam with a new ID had a new Disc Jam account made for them. This meant players would effectively lose all of their progress when playing. However, according to the developers, this should no longer be an issue. Progress from the accounts made both before and after an ID change will be merge, meaning that all progress made throughout Disc Jam will be accounted for.

While it’s unfortunate that, due to the architecture of the PlayStation Network, this kind of problem is prevalent, it is heartening to see developers make such a commitment to fixing these issues. Despite High Horse Entertainment’s claims, Sony hasn’t yet amended its list of games with “critical issues.” While it may be best to still err on the side of caution, things should be alright from now on.

The games that have these issues still include noteworthy titles like LittleBigPlanet 3ONRUSH, and Just Dance 2017. Unfortunately, there’s no clear indication that any other titles will be updated in this way. In addition, the list of games with no issues is far greater, and all games moving forward support PSN ID changes. We still think it’s worthwhile to at least contemplate an ID change if you’re still on the fence about it.

Do you hope more games make this kind of change to support PSN ID changes? Let us know!

[Source: DualShockers]