Just Shapes and Beats Will Be ‘Hardcore’ When It Launches on the PS4

Just Shapes and Beats is finally slated to make its PlayStation 4 debut on May 10, 2019! This comes after its initial launch on May 31, 2018 PC and Switch debut. In case you are unfamiliar with Just Shapes and Beats, the game features EDM music from prominent independent musicians and Mike Ducarme, from Berzerk Studio, said that the team’s goal was to create a playable version of the old MP3 visualizers from the 1990s.

There are some special parts to the Just Shapes and Beats: Hardcore Edition launch. For its debut on the PlayStation 4, a new Hardcore Mode has been introduced. In Hardcore Mode, every stage has been redesigned in order to make it more challenging.

It has also been announced that you can grab a cool theme alongside the release of Just Shapes and Beats: Hardcore Edition. Who’s going to complain about getting a sweet theme with a new game? Not me, that’s who!

Check out the newly released trailer!

In Just Shapes and Beats: Hardcore Edition, you play as a shape that dodges beats. The game can be played alone, but can also be played with friends cooperatively. You must do your best to dodge the music and remain alive.

At the start of every level, you are greeted with a black screen, which shows off the artist and song name in large bold lettering. Mike said that this was done to highlight the music, instead of trying to hide it in the background. The game features a 20-track story mode. There is also an arcade mode, called Challenge Runs. This mode consists of a gauntlet, which features three tracks. You can play this mode alone, with friends, or with random online players. The game also features a Casual Mode, if at any time you decide it is too challenging, and a Party Mode for when you just want to listen to the music play in the background.

Will you be picking up a copy of Just Shapes and Beats: Hardcore Edition when it releases on the PlayStation 4? Let us know in the comments below!

[Source: US PlayStation Blog]