CD Projekt RED Has a ‘Big War Chest’ for Cyberpunk 2077 But Admits It Faced Numerous Challenges

CD Projekt RED recently revealed in an interview with Kotaku that it’s actively trying to combat excessive crunch during Cyberpunk 2077‘s development. In the same interview, the developer acknowledged that it faced numerous challenges when transitioning from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt to the upcoming title, but denied rumors that it’s suffering from financial constraint.

“We have a big war chest,” said co-founder Marcin Iwiński when quizzed about rumors that Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales‘ disappointing sales resulted in financial issues. However, CD Projekt RED went through a period of uncertainty and high staff turnover as it moved developers from The Witcher 3 to Cyberpunk 2077.

“It’s always the same story across the entire industry,” said studio head, Adam Badowski. “If you’re changing the technology and at the same time you’re producing the game, it’s a nightmare for most of the companies.”

“The transition from The Witcher 3 to Cyberpunk, initially that was the hardest part, because a lot of these things have to be defined,” added Iwiński. “We have a demo which is sort of crystallizing the vision, to prove that it’s there.”

The statements above come at an important time. Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, who recently wrote at length about Anthem‘s development troubles, has revealed that his report on BioWare prompted former CD Projekt RED developers to reach out to him and disclose that Cyberpunk 2077‘s development is going through similar issues.

“I’ve felt that there are hundreds of parallels that could be drawn between the story of the rocky development of Anthem and the story of the rocky and even-more-rocky-to-become development of Cyberpunk 2077,” a former employee wrote in an email to Schreier. “At times, I’ve felt I could just replace the studio name and the game title, and it would all look so similar, almost identical.”

Cyberpunk 2077 is in development for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A release window has yet to be announced.

[Source: Kotaku]

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