Doctor Who VR

Doctor Who Game Traveling to PSVR

Another chapter in the BBC time-hopping saga will be coming later this year in the form of a Doctor Who VR game. The Edge of Time was announced via the PlayStation Europe Twitter account earlier today, and it adds to the events of the Doctor’s journey (during the Jodie Whittaker incarnation). The player will travel through different periods of time in order to save the Doctor, who has been lost at the edge of the universe.

See the announcement trailer for Doctor Who: The Edge of Time below.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time  will feature a range of puzzles that can be solved using the series’ well-known device, the sonic screwdriver. There will also be monsters that the player has to face, and the trailer suggests that among them will be the Weeping Angels that have been unsettling viewers since 2007. (My hope is that whatever VR headset you’re wearing can track when your eyes blink to truly make those segments with the terrifying.)

The main villains in the game will be the Daleks, but it’s noted that there are other returning faces from the Doctor Who series and new ones created for The Edge of Time. These monsters will be what stands in the way of you repairing space-time by collecting Time Crystals scattered around in different eras of history. Fans of the long-running series can look forward to piloting the TARDIS on the hunt for these crystals.

Doctor Who: The Edge of Time is being developed by Maze Theory and is described as a “new cinematic, feature-length” experience. Maze Theory is also currently working on a VR game based on the British gang series Peaky Blinders.

Keep your eyes open for Doctor Who: The Edge of Time (or the Weeping Angels might get you). It will be released in September 2019 for the PSVR, as well as Oculus and HTC devices. Doctor Who fans out there, let me know what enemies and locations you want to see in virtual reality when the game comes out later this year!

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