Citizens of Space

Citizens of Space Will Bring the Life of an Interstellar Politician to PS4 Later This Month

Citizens of Space, the sequel to the 2015 game Citizens of Earth, will be rocketing over to your favorite console on June 18. The game can be picked up for $14.99 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC via Steam. Citizens of Space will also be coming to Europe at a similar price point.

Citizens of Space will put players in the role of Earth’s newest Ambassador, who can be seen strutting in style in the trailer below. When the Ambassador showed up to the Galactic Federation Assembly on his first day, he went to present our beautiful blue planet to the congregation of the galaxy’s other lifeforms but discovered that it was completely missing. Not just missing from the projector screen, but missing from its spot in space entirely. Earth is still fairly new to the galactic political scene so not many of the other delegates seem very concerned about this strange happening. To discover who has caused the disappearance of Earth, players will venture across the galaxy as they try to solve the mystery while also convincing other aliens to aid in the cause.

The game has a totally new battle system compared to the one in Citizens of Earth, which we were not very impressed with in 2015. A lot of the new combat systems have been simplified so that players can spend less time worrying about the small details and more time taking charge of the action. It appears that combat will remain turn-based, with the order in which they are taken being shown in the top right. The major difference in Citizens of Space will require the Ambassador to delegate tasks to the other lifeforms that they’ve recruited by completing some reflex-based mini-games, which looks to be specific to each character they are commanding.

Citizens of Space

The original game, Citizens of Earth, aimed to recapture some of the charms of Earthbound but was lacking in a lot of areas. Upon review, the game struggled to deliver not only a satisfying combat system but became fairly tedious as it progressed (especially with regards to side quests). With nearly four years since release, can Citizens of Space take our nostalgia on a rewarding rocket ride across the galaxy to discover the meaning behind Earth’s disappearance?

[Source: SEGA]