The Uppers PlayStation 4 Release Is Still Happening, Apparently

Uppers, the formerly Japan-exclusive PlayStation Vita brawler, may finally be making its way westward. Originally announced in 2018, a Western release has been a long time coming. You can preorder it now over at Play-Asia, which has assigned it an August 31, 2019 release date. That could be a placeholder, however. Ever since being announced, there’s been no word about a release date. However, it is still happening.

Uppers will be localized in much more than just English! It will be playable in a multitude of languages. These include English and Japanese, as well as Korean, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese. Making this once-elusive title more accessible than ever is most definitely a win.

Coming via MarvelousUppers is a unique third-person brawler that has become a fan favorite. (The original release was produced by Kenichiro Takai of Senran Kengura fame.) You’ll be able to control up to 13 different characters, all of whom reside on the deserted island Last Resort. Constantly stalked by threatening bandits and their posse, you’ll have to fight your way to the top of the Last Resort food chain. Success in combat rewards you with new abilities to use, giving you even more advantages. You may even find some rewards from your adoring fans, if you perform well.

Uppers first released on the PlayStation Vita in 2016 and was a Japan-exclusive title. For the PlayStation 4, however, Uppers will be fully remastered. It will be presented in 1080p and run at 60 frames per second. (It will also be available for PCs.) Not only will Uppers be made much more accessible, fans can also take in all of its over-the-top action on their big screens.

Uppers will be released on the PlayStation 4 and PC, and it can be preordered right now. Will you be taking part in all of this action? Punch your way into the comments and let us know!

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