Upcoming Fallout 76 Patch Will Include First Ever Vault Raid

On August 20, 2019, Fallout 76 Patch 12 will drop, which will include the game’s first 76 Vault Raid. The target is Vault 94, located between The Mire and The Savage Divide. At one time, it was a Dweller utopia. Now, it’s unoccupied, overrun with greenery, and has something sinister growing in the background.

Players will need to team up to raid Vault 94 for all of its goodies, but first you have to save it from whatever evil is lurking in the background. While you’re there, why not find out what happened to the original inhabitants?

You can brave it alone, but the Fallout 76 dev team recommends a group of players over level 50 to tackle both the timed and “instanced” missions. Vault 94 is the first Fallout 76 dungeon to use this new “instanced” system. Simply put, the Instancing Technology ensures that no other interlopers can interrupt or affect your Raid. When your team steps into the Vault, no one else can join in. Everything within, from the encounters to the loot, is yours and yours alone. No one likes working hard on a Raid just for some random player to sweep in and yoink the rewards.

Because this Instancing Technology is new, Bethesda will only open Vault 94 on PC with Patch 12. All platforms will receive Patch 12, but console players will have to wait for Vault 94 to rollout over time. The developers do not have a time table for when it will gradually release on console, however. PC players will be a larger playtesting playground for the new tech, which means console players will have a smoother experience going into the Vault.

Each week, the Vault will have one of three missions available to run at various difficulties. If you fail at a mission one week, just wait a couple of more weeks for it to rotate back in. Conversely, if you complete a mission, you can circle back and run it again at a harder difficulty level. The harder the difficulty, the better the loot at the end!

The rewards can include the following (depending upon difficulty level):

  • XP,
  • caps,
  • improved repair kits,
  • weapons,
  • armor,
  • plans, and/or
  • crafting materials.

Players can earn these rewards “once per difficulty mode, per mission, per day.” You could play the mission of the week every day three times a day, one for each difficulty level, and rack up 21 different sets of loot. (Please note I said “could” and not “should.”)

Fallout 76 Patch 12 will drop on August 20, 2019. At that time, Vault 94 will open for PC players. PS4 players, stay tuned to that emergency broadcast channel to find out when it opens for you.

[Source: Bethesda Fallout]