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Action-RPG Ashen Will Finally Bring Its Light to PlayStation 4

Ashen originally launched for the Xbox One and PC in December 2018, but now PlayStation 4 players will be able to explore this ancient world. The action-RPG will release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on December 9, 2019.

Ashen is the name of a world that was recently reborn. For a thousand years, Ashen was literally covered in ashes and darkness. Now that the light has returned, not everyone is grateful. The players will protect the Ashen’s newfound light by forging relationships, forming allies among NPCs or even other players, and fighting against those who will stop at nothing to keep the darkness alive.

Ashen features a vast open world to explore, a settlement to build and expand upon, as well as “passive multiplayer.” As previously mentioned, players will have the option to team up with others they meet while exploring. You can team up to work on any quest or side quest together, as well as go dungeon-diving together. The whole game can be completed solo, but the option is always there to join friends.

According to publisher Annapurna Interactive, playing with others and cultivating these relationships is the core of Ashen‘s gameplay. They don’t fully mean playing with other players, either. It’s the NPC relationships that are the most important. Every NPC that the player meets and talks to has something unique to offer to increase your chances of success. In this twilight world, survival is the measure of success.

Check out the gameplay for yourself in the new trailer below.

Ashen will release for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on December 9, 2019.
[Source: Gematsu]