Everyone’s Favorite Knight With a Shovel Returns in Shovel Knight Dig

Yacht Club Games casually dropped by the PlayStation Blog today to say, “Oh, by the way, we’ve been working on a brand new Shovel Knight game for the last year.” Introducing Shovel Knight Dig, the little blue knight’s triumphant return with co-developer and pixel art masters, Nitrome.

One evening, while the Shovel Knight was minding his own business, the dastardly Drill Knight invaded his campsite and stole his loot. Naturally, he cannot let this go unpunished, so he grabs his Shovel Blade and starts to tunnel after them.

new shovel knight dig

According to Yacht Club Games, every adventure with the Shovel Knight is different. The levels are “stitched together” and procedurally-generated, thereby promising infinite replayability where no tunnel dig is the same.

Also new is direction the Shovel Knight is heading: downward. He’ll jump and slash with his Shovel Blade as he’s always done before, but now he has new, sweet digging moves, such as his new Speed Shovel mechanics.

As the Shovel Knight burrows into the earth, he will acquire more riches, find new items, and obtain new upgrades for all of his equipment. He’ll also meet new Knights, such as the deadly Spore Knight, who uses mushrooms to hold open the Mushroom Mines for the Drill Knight and his crew of Hexcavators.

While everything seems to be new in Shovel Knight Dig, Yacht Club Games promises that Dig will have the storytelling, humor, and “maybe even some familiar faces” that Shovel Knight fans have come to love.

Unfortunately, it seems that Shovel Knight fans will still have a while to wait for Shovel Knight Dig. According to David D’Angelo of Yacht Club Games, “it’s got quite a ways to go still.” We don’t even have a release window estimate for it. At least we do know it’s definitely releasing for PlayStation 4.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]