The Ninja Saviors Physical Release

The Ninja Saviors Physical Release Saves America with Exclusive Goodies to Compensate for the Delay

Looking for a classic-style beat ’em up to occupy your time? You won’t have to wait much longer. The Ninja Saviors – Return of the Warriors will be coming to the US on October 15th, and bringing a snazzy physical release with it.

If you’ve ever thought that the concept of android ninjas beating up criminals in the future sounded like the coolest thing, then The Ninja Saviors may be the beat ’em up for you. Originally called The Ninja Warriors back when it was released on the SNES in 1994, this is a fully updated remaster of the game. The audio and visuals have both been revised to keep the feel of the old game while still being up to modern standards. New animations have also been added, so you have more cool ninja tricks. A pair of new playable characters have been introduced to the game as well—Raiden and Yaksha—giving you a couple of new options even if you’ve played the original.

On October 15th The Ninja Saviors – Return of the Warriors will be available digitally for $19.99. Players can also get The Ninja Saviors physical release for $29.99. The physical version will come with a bundle of collectable goodies. You’ll get an instruction manual (just like the classic games), a poster depicting the game’s key art, and a trio of sticker sheets in case you need to slap a robot ninja on anything. In addition to this, you’ll also get a pair of character cards depicting the two new characters.

The Ninja Savoirs was originally supposed to come out back in July, but was delayed until October. The cards are being added to the physical version to compensate for this delay, and will be exclusive to the North American physical release of the game.