Warface Mars Expansion Comes to PS4 on 1 Year Anniversary, Crossplay With Xbox On the Way

The Mars expansion for free to play first-person shooter Warface is out now on PlayStation 4, and with it comes a new raid and some new weapons. Additionally, developer Blackwood Games has promised crossplay in the near future.

Warface’s new Mars expansion will give players plenty to do. The new raid casts players as robots instead of the normal human characters. These robots, known as SEDs, play differently than your normal character. Instead of getting ammo-based guns, they have special energy weapons known as Arcus. You’ll have to make sure your Arcus doesn’t overheat while collecting batteries to recharge the gun as needed. You’ll be pit against other SEDs and mech suits while you you invade a giant city on the red planet.

If you’ve wanted a chance to branch out and play with your Xbox friends, you’ll be getting that chance soon as well. Blackwood Games has announced that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One crossplay will be coming, and to expect it out by Q2 2020. There’s no current plans to make the PC version crossplay as well, though it’s likely because they’re several months ahead when it comes to updates and there are some differences with how the PC version is monetized. The Mars expansion launched on PC back in June.

In addition, Blackwood has released a roadmap for the console version of Warface. While it lacks specific dates for these releases, it does let us know both a Halloween and Christmas event are on the way. The biggest thing on the roadmap is also the Titan character class, giving players something new to play as. There are also plans for a new game mode, a new free for all map, and updates to both the shooting range and movement system.

If you’d like to know more about the game you can read our hands on preview.