WWE 2K20 MyCAREER Boasts Male and Female Co-Protagonists, Branching Narratives, and an ‘Interdimensional Portal’

With its Tuesday, October 22, 2019 launch date looming large, all-new developer Visual Concepts and publisher 2K Games have together announced a glut of new details surrounding the WWE 2K20 MyCAREER mode. For the first time ever players will be able to take a female superstar from wannabe to world-class professional wrestler, and they’ll do so alongside a more conventional male companion as Red and Tre (respectively) co-star.

These fictional wrestlers are said to be two lifelong best friends whom you’ll accompany “from high school to the WWE Hall of Fame.” During that long journey, said to span “approximately” 100 matches and 20 hours of playtime, the two will team up to make use of the new mixed tag team match mechanics implemented for this year.

Throughout the career-spanning storyline, players will be able to interact with more than 40 WWE Superstars, NXT Superstars, and Legends that are all authentically voiced by the real-world sports entertainers. One element that definitely isn’t true-to-life, however, is the introduction of an “interdimensional portal” that seems like it might be at the root of the weirdness that occurred in the previous gameplay reveal trailer. Red and Tre traverse it in order to try and find missing WWE Superstar the Undertaker and there they’ll find “various surprises.”

By progressing through MyCAREER players will also earn unlockable extras—like playable characters, alternate attires, and unique arenas including “Hell’s Colosseum”—while dependent on their choices taking part in shifting matchups that can result in different narrative outcomes.

The folks at 2K also kindly provided a TLDR version by laying out the WWE 2K20 MyCAREER mode in numbers:

  • 18 chapters
  • Approximately 100 total matches
  • Over 2,700 lines of dialogue
  • Over 900 lines of new commentary unique to MyCAREER matches and cutscenes
  • Over 270 cutscenes
  • Around 20 hours of total playtime
  • 34 career goals on Red and Tre’s List
  • 1 bionic arm

That last point is perhaps the most intriguing, but on paper 2K Games’ latest stab at MyCAREER definitely appears to have been an ambitious undertaking for an annual sports game.