Cross-Play Between All Consoles and PC Comes To Brawlhalla

The ability to beat up your friends no matter what platform they own should basically be a right among all gamers. It seems that Ubisoft agrees with this. As of today, Brawlhalla cross-play will allow PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch users to fight each other.

Before today, the other three platforms could play together, but the PlayStation 4 version of Brawlhalla was on its own. Now with full cross-play approved by Sony for all developers, all platforms can fight against each other. While the most obvious benefit of this is the larger player base and being able to play with friends who have different platforms, Brawlhalla cross-play comes with another major benefit to PlayStation 4 players as well. Up until now, isolation meant that PlayStation 4 players couldn’t join official Brawlhalla events and tournaments run by the developers. Now, combined with everyone else, they can do so. In fact, there’s actually a tournament being run right now, and if you play Brawlhalla on the PlayStation 4 then you’re free to sign up for it.

Brawlhalla is a free-to-play platform fighting game not too dissimilar to the Super Smash Brothers series. Brawlhalla is probably best known for its weird batch of guest characters that have been added over time. It started with Rayman, who was added after Ubisoft bought both the developer and the rights to the game. Since then we’ve seen characters like a large chunk of the cast of Shovel Knight, several characters from the recent Hellboy film reboot, a few characters from rival platform fighting game Rivals of Aether, Jake and Finn from popular animated TV show Adventure Time, and even several WWE superstars. Half the fun seems to be trying to figure out which characters and franchises are going to end up in Brawlhalla next.