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Surprise! Konami’s Latest Silent Hill Project Is a Slot Machine

Chances of a new Silent Hill game are slim to none but that doesn’t stop fans from hoping for a new entry. When Konami filed a new trademark application back in August, rather than updating or renewing the existing one, some folks saw it as a tiny glimmer of hope. Well, we’re here to crush your dreams.

Konami has unveiled its brand new Silent Hill product: a slot machine.

“Konami’s aim is empowering operators with exceptional entertainment to reach and engage today’s players and beyond,” said executive vice president and chief commercial officer, Tom Jingoli. “We are actively leveraging a combination of top technology, talent, design, and development to deliver a host of new products at this year’s event, through the immediate years to come.”

Jingoli then went on to describe the cabinet.

“This cabinet is a striking combination of sleek entertainment, premium packaging, and player comfort, backed by a rich library of original titles,” he said. “Everything, including its shape, screens, betting surface, and available merchandising, has been engineered to maximize both player experience and operational results. This latest cabinet is a first glimpse at great things to come from Konami.”

The slot machine will be showcased at the Las Vegas Global Gaming Expo, where Konami has promised to show off “thrilling scenes, sounds, and characters” from the franchise.

It goes without saying that we won’t be seeing a new Silent Hill game anytime soon, or ever.

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