Rebel Cops Gets Free Survival Horde Mode With Rebel Yell Update

You may be a good cop or a bad cop, but in Rebel Cops, you’re the cop with the gun. Unfortunately, lots of people have guns, and you’ll have to survive waves of them in the new free Rebel Yell update. The mode will give you four cops that are assigned completely random buffs and skills and armed with only a knife. If you want better weapons, then you have to do some searching. You can only get items by killing enemies or looting the world. Your goal is to try and survive as long as possible, taking out as many enemies in the process as you can.

While the star of the new update is the Rebel Yell survival horde mode, the update adds another new feature added to Rebel Cops as well. Requested by many players, Rebel Cops will now give the player an option to have infinite save games. Originally you could only save up to three times every level, but many players felt this was too restrictive, so the developers have now allowed them to save as often as needed.

Rebel Cops is a stealth-heavy turn-based tactical game set in the same universe as the This is the Police games. Instead of managing an entire police force, you play as a few officers that go rogue after they discover that the police have been taken over by a criminal organization. Your mission is to take down said crime syndicate. You’ll have to choose if you want to play like actual police officers and at least try to take them alive, or go full rogue and gun them down. Whatever your choice you need to play carefully. Unlike many strategy games, there are no health bars or armor points. A single bullet can drop either friend or foe, and if a character dies then they’re gone for good.