They Are Billions Campaign Mode Launching Next Week, Increasing Price

When hoards of zombies threaten your little walled cities, you’d expect to know the reason why. Fans of city builder/RTS hybrid They Are Billions will be able to discover the why soon enough. A campaign mode is being added to the game on December 3rd, 2019. While the update will be available for free for anyone who already owns They Are Billions, the game’s price will increase from $24.99 to $29.99 after the campaign launches. This means that, if the campaign is something you’d be interested in, you better grab the game before it goes up in price next week.

They Are Billions‘ campaign, which is named The New Empire, will take place over 48 missions that should take around 60 hours to beat. You’ll be battling swarms of zombies with a hero character, and building a fort to protect your citizens from attacks while exploring an ancient fortress on the side. Only you can discover how the zombie apocalypse started, and hopefully how to end it. Or, more likely, you’ll die trying.

In addition to the campaign, They Are Billions’ controls will be reworked. While there weren’t specifics on what exactly will be changed, getting a controller to work with an RTS is never an easy task. Many reviews cited the controls as one of the downsides for the console launch of game, and the developer is taking that feedback into account.

Up until December 3rd, They Are Billions focused on the survival mode. You get a random world and have to build a colony that needs to survive while holding off swarms of zombies. The game originally launched on PC in Early Access, with the full launch and console edition happening earlier this year. We took a look at the game when it first hit PlayStation 4 and found it to be a solid strategy/horror hybrid game with some control and graphical issues.