Modern Warfare’s Timed PS4-Exclusive Special Ops: Survival Will Get a New Map Every Season

Call of Duty fan site Charlie INTEL has discovered a new landing page on the game’s official website, which reveals that Modern Warfare‘s timed PlayStation 4-exclusive mode, Special Ops: Survival, will get a new map every season. New locations will be accompanied by special Challenge missions and rewards for other Modern Warfare game modes.

“Strategy and teamwork are critical in the fight against overwhelming odds and additional locations arrive every season,” reads the page. “Acquire unique rewards by completing gameplay objectives across modes. Each season, a new weapon or skin is up for grabs.”

As Charlie INTEL noted, the maps section on Special Ops: Survival page lists five rewards and five unnamed maps as “REDACTED,” indicating that Modern Warfare will have at least five seasons this year. Available maps include Grazna Raid, Piccadilly, Aniyah Palace, and St. Petrograd.

Special Ops: Survival is exclusive to PS4 until October 1, 2020. The mode’s exclusivity has been a subject of debate among the game’s community but developer Infinity Ward defended itself, arguing that certain decisions are above the studio leadership’s pay grades, and that Special Ops: Survival is a very tiny percentage of Modern Warfare‘s overall offering.

“Survival is one percent of the game,” said Narrative Director Taylor Kurosaki. “The other 99 percent is simultaneous day and date across all platforms. I’d rather have everyone playing 99% of the content at the same time than 100% of the content some time later. We do our BEST every day to give our players the best experience possible.”

[Source: Charlie INTEL]

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