Hands-On With My Hero One’s Justice 2

On our previously mentioned foray into San Francisco to attend Bandai Namco Entertainment America’s New Year Showcase, we also went hands on with one of their upcoming sequels: My Hero One’s Justice 2. While I personally never played the first game in this fighting series, PSLS gave it an 8/10 and really liked the anime visuals and character customizations. While I didn’t get to check out any character customizations for the upcoming game, I can say the anime visuals are still just as good.

The Characters of My Hero Academia Brought to Life

My Hero One’s Justice 2 uses 40 characters pulled straight from the pages and screens of the manga and anime series My Hero Academia.

Effective Sidekicks and Entertaining Visuals

There were 40 characters to choose from and 26 scenes to fight in. While we are still limited on naming a bunch of these scenes, all were interactive and some even had multiple floors. Bashing someone into a floor was a great way to drop down a level, and a fun way to do some serious damage. The game has you select one character as your main fighter and then two sidekicks to back you up. Each character has their own skillset and fighting moves, and the battles can get pretty intense. As you fight, you build up your Ultra meter until you can finally unleash it upon your opponent.

Your two sidekicks have a stamina meter that limits their amount of attacks, but I found them to be very effective. Using the left and right triggers calls one of them into the fray, allowing them to use their signature attack and damaging your opponent. The visuals for these attacks were very entertaining and I mixed up my sidekicks after each match just to try and see as many attack variations as possible. I was also able to select my CPU opponent and their sidekicks as well, so I was able to witness most of these folks in action.

Top-Notch Anime Graphics

The graphics for the game were very polished, with no frame drops, tearing, or jagged edges and this gave the fighting animations a smooth look and feel, even when there were a lot of objects flying around. Smashing through a floor, with everything falling around you, looked pretty cool and caused no ill effects even when multiple objects filled the screen. The basic attack animations and Ultra attack animations were also very smooth, and that big K.O. was always satisfying to see on the screen, as long as I wasn’t the one getting knocked out.

Now I’m not a huge anime or manga fan myself, but that doesn’t mean I’m not aware of the huge anime and manga followings around the world, and the many games that fall into those categories. Prior to previewing or reviewing a game from this genre, I always check out whatever I can from the series the game is pulled from. My Hero One’s Justice 2 looks to stay true to the franchise just like the first title in the video game series, and is shaping up to be a worthy sequel.

The game is set to release March 13, 2020, and can be digitally pre-ordered now on the PSN and at Amazon for those who want a physical copy.

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