The Latest PS5 Specs ‘Leak’ Comes From… a Picture of a Pigeon?

Bear with me a moment here. We’re headed into some pretty weird territory. There’s a new PS5 specs leak from a verified developer on NeoGaf. In a massive ongoing thread of next-gen speculation, leaks, theories, and other nonsense, user o’dium posted a picture of a carrier pigeon with a letter for one “M. Cerny,” presumably Mark Cerny, chief architect of the PS5. The image contains a bizarre message that other NeoGaf users decoded to discover the alleged PS5 specs leak, saying it will have 11.06 teraflops GPU with 52 CUs clocked at 1743 Mhz. RAM and memory bandwidth are expected to be 16GB and 512GB/s respectively, based on the image.

Here’s the image in question:

PS5 specs leak PlayStation 5 specs

Apparently the “coos” refer to CUs, or compute units, which number 52 in the image. Apparently, the rhyming scheme of the message is also a hint that led people to decode the remainder of the stats, and the 16-512 in the address referencing the RAM and memory bandwidth.

1600 Madison Avenue in New York, NY is a real place (albeit with a different zip code that doesn’t line up with leaked PS5 specs), but it’s unclear what significance, if any, the location has. It’s right near Central Park. There’s an Eddie Jr’s Hair Salon nearby, as well as the Ecogreen Pharmacy and Ranch Market on the corner. Across the street is the New York City Housing Authority, but the address location itself doesn’t seem to hold anything notable. The address of the PlayStation Theater on Broadway is 1515 Broadway, so that doesn’t line up either. See what you’re making us do Mr. Bird, you monster? We’re pulling at straws here.

Without any kind of official announcement, we’re sitting out at the salt lick with this one for now. Even if it is true, Sony could still be working to improve the specs and power. Until Sony decides to reveal more about the PlayStation 5, any specs should be treated with a healthy amount of skepticism.

Unfortunately, we have no idea when Sony plans to start talking about the PS5 more, and amid the current coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, some are even questioning if the console will still launch later this year. Until then? We’ve always got the pigeon.

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[Source: NeoGaf; Via: Tom’s Guide]