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Analysts Foresee Global Games Industry Becoming Stronger as People Turn to Gaming During COVID-19

The Coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc in various industries and global economies but there are a number of industries that analysts believe will emerge stronger when life returns to normalcy. One of them is the video games industry.

It’s not hard to imagine why. We’ve previously reported that internet service providers across the globe have seen a surge in traffic, driven mainly by gaming. Call of Duty and Fortnite have been leading the charge as Coronavirus continues to restrict outdoor life and activities.

“Digital Entertainment, and in particular gaming, has become one of the safer bets since the Coronavirus broke out,” wrote Swedish securities company, Redeye (via Wccftech). “Admittedly, stocks in this sector have plummeted like the rest of the global stock market but not in the same degree. According to us, this is a healthy sign in an overall unhealthy market.”

According to MiDiA Research Lead Analyst Karol Severin, games not only engage users for longer periods of time compared to other forms of entertainment, but they also provide a way to socialize without physical contact because players can band together in multiplayer games.

“Gaming sessions are well positioned to become socializing destinations for a part of the population,” said Severin. “Not all digital socializing takes place on social media, and games have an opportunity to pick more of this up.”

Analysts also believe that this unprecedented situation will result in a large number of new entrants in the gaming community. Understandably, they expect a portion of people who are turning to video games for the first time to become return customers.

[Source: Wccftech]

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