Sherlock Holmes Dev Thinks Next-Gen Games Won’t See ‘an Absolutely Mind-Blowing Jump’ in Quality at Launch

Frogwares, the studio behind Sherlock Holmes series and The Sinking City, has said it’ll take some time for next-gen games to achieve a significant boost in quality.

Speaking to Wccftech, Communication Manager Sergey Oganesyan opined that, similar to what we saw at the start of the current gen, developers will aim for cross-gen support and although we’ll improved elements in next-gen games, there probably won’t be “an absolutely mind-blowing jump” in quality right away.

Looking at what happened when the current-gen was first introduced, we probably shouldn’t expect an absolutely mind-blowing jump in terms of game quality being the standard, because cross-gen titles will be a thing for some time. I just don’t think developers can momentarily drop their support of an enormous fanbase that has grown during the current-gen life cycle unless they have the financial incentive of the console makers to make up for the potential missed out sales. But we should all definitely look forward to things like better textures, better framerate, better lighting, better loading time, bigger maps, more detailed environment, etc., which is a lot, and the improvements will be more than noticeable.

We already have absolutely gorgeous games like Red Dead Redemption 2 and Horizon Zero Dawn, and I can’t even begin to imagine how good these games would look on the next-gen hardware.

Oganesyan added that Frogwares is excited to work with faster SSD storage because it’ll be a “life and time saver” for open-world games.

Microsoft’s Phil Spencer has said that we should start seeing next-gen games soon. Hopefully, that means Sony has plans to unveil some of its lineup in the near future as well.

[Source: Wccftech]