Video Game Deals: Cyberpunk 2077 Preorder is Just $49.94, Tons of Bonus Digital and Physical Goodies

Cyberpunk 2077 may not be releasing until November 19, but you can secure your copy now for less than it usually costs to buy a brand new game. Over on Amazon, the Cyberpunk 2077 preorder is only $49.94, which is $10 off the usual $60 new game price point. Better still? The physical version of Cyberpunk 2077 comes loaded with bonuses that every player will get, even at the deal price.

Video Game Deals: Cyberpunk 2077 Preorder

Make sure you get your order in quickly, as there’s no telling just how long this video game deal will last. Amazon could change the price at any time, but you’ll be guaranteed to get the lowest price you ordered at if they do.

If that image at the top of the post looks like a collector’s edition, you’re wrong. That’s what comes standard with every copy of Cyberpunk 2077. Here’s what comes with every physical purchase of Cyberpunk 2077:

  • Cyberpunk 2077 game (on your choice of PS4, Xbox One, or PC)
  • Physical Content:
    • Reversible cover featuring either Male or Female V
    • Map of Night City
    • Postcards
    • Stickers
    • World Compendium
  • Digital Content:
    • Original Score
    • Cyberpunk 2020 Sourcebook
    • Art Booklet
    • Digital Comic
    • Wallpapers for Desktop and Mobile
  • Forward compatible with PS5 and Xbox Series X for free
  • Free upgrade to the PS5/Xbox Series X version when they release

You can’t get much better from a physical release of a game that’s not even out yet at a discounted price.

Again, there’s no telling how long this video game deal will last, so if you plan on getting Cyberpunk 2077 at release, it’s worth it to buy now for $10 off standard new retail that most games launch at. It also guarantees that you’ll be getting the next-gen version of the game with this purchase, so you don’t need to wait for PS5/Series X version preorders to go live to buy.