Watch Dogs Legion Preorders Just $49.99 Ahead of Ubisoft Forward Event This Weekend

The next ambitious entry in the Watch Dogs franchise, Watch Dogs Legion, has had a bit of a rocky development path after a delay last year—which Ubisoft has embraced to make some major changes and improvements to the game—but it’s finally reemerging at this weekend’s Ubisoft Forward digital event. Some journalists have also been able to play the latest build of the game, with their reactions going live on July 11th, right around the time of the broadcast.

Ahead of this weekends updated showcase, you can preorder Watch Dogs Legion for just $49.99, which is ten bucks off the normal retail price of current-gen games. Also, if new release prices of next-gen games jumps to $70 (and if Ubisoft offers a free update to the next-gen versions of its games), the preorder could end up being a pretty big discount. If you plan on playing Watch Dogs Legion at launch, it’s worth locking in your preorder price now.

Some Watch Dogs Legion screenshots leaked showing off the UI and menu, elements that are expected to be seen at this weekend’s event. Rumors also say that the release date will be announced, which is expected to be alongside next-gen consoles as a launch title.

Watch Dogs Legion is an incredibly ambitious game, letting players recruit and play as any NPC in the game, each with individual missions, lives, and networks. The scope is reportedly so massive that it’s pushing the limits of Ubisoft’s capabilities of QA testing. Ubisoft has also talked about how story will still be important without a central character, and how the permadeath of your characters can and will impact the flow of that story.

Make sure you grab that Watch Dogs Legion preorder discount now if you plan on picking up the game. The price could change back at any time. And don’t miss Ubisoft Forward on July 11 when Ubisoft finally shows off Watch Dogs Legion once again.