Play Minecraft in PSVR With Free Update Later This Month

For the first in Sony’s week of PSVR reveals and announcements, Minecraft is getting a free PSVR update later this month, allowing players to enjoy the entire game within the virtual reality headset.

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Mojang’s Roger Carpenter detailed the upcoming PSVR update, saying that the feature had been greenlit and planned as far back as Sony giving them the thumbs-up on doing cross-platform play with the Bedrock version of the game. The studio was finally able to allocate resources and attention to PSVR support, and it will now be launching via a free update sometime in September.

free Minecraft PSVR update

Every Minecraft PS4 owner will get the free update, which will arrive as a patch when the final polish is put on it. Mojang promises that this is 100% the full Minecraft experience, just now with PSVR support. Additional VR-specific settings will allow players to adjust the Minecraft PSVR experience to their individual needs. It can also be played in two different modes: Immersive and Living Room. Though Mojang didn’t detail the differences between the two, it seems like Immersive will be more full movement, where Living Room will allow players with smaller spaces to enjoy it as well. It doesn’t look like Minecraft PSVR will use the Move controllers at all. Mojang says the DualShock 4 controller will be used as normal to “do all the crafting and choppy/fighty things that you need to do.”

Finally, Carpenter gave a brief summary of Minecraft PSVR development, saying that the pandemic hasn’t impacted it much at all. He says that the tech is based on Minecraft VR tech developed for other VR platforms years back, optimized for PlayStation VR with a lot of help and guidance from Sony.

The Minecraft PSVR announcement kicks off a week of Sony focusing on PSVR games and news, a week the company says will not feature any PS5 announcements at all.

[Source: PlayStation Blog]