Godfall’s Loot System Will Be ‘The Tinkerer’s Dream,’ Says Counterplay Games

There’s no shortage of games with complex loot, skills, and progression systems but Godfall players need not worry about meaningless grinds, if a statement by technical producer Richard Heyne is anything to go by.

Speaking to IGN, Heyne said that Counterplay Games’ philosophy is to make loot “The Tinkerer’s Dream” and making the pieces appealing enough for players to gain a sense of satisfaction from chasing them.

“We had this idea, we wanted [Godfall] to be the tinkerer’s dream,” Heyne explained. “Anybody who loves to get intimate with their loot and put the pieces together and see the numbers and see the impact immediately, that’s the kind of game we wanted to create.”

Godfall‘s loot isn’t all about visual appeal. Counterplay wanted to make each piece of loot something valuable enough for players to go after.

“For us it was all about that satisfaction of how you look in the beginning of Godfall, and how you look at the end,” Heyne continued. “You should be proud of where your character is at the end, and what your arsenal looks like.” He also reassured fans that Godfall‘s loot isn’t “all flash with no bang.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Heyne said that Godfall‘s skill system will allow players to constantly evolve and change their play style. The game isn’t about checking off all the skills in the trees, but you can still do that post game, if that’s your thing.

Godfall will release on November 12th as a PlayStation 5 console exclusive.

[Source: IGN]