P.T. Was Reportedly Playable on the PS5 but Had Its Support Removed

Back in October, an article published by Eurogamer suggested that P.T. would be playable on the PlayStation 5 via backwards compatibility. Writer Wesley Yin-Poole was convinced that it was possible to transfer the game. However, Konami told GamesRadar that “the content will not be available on the PS Store, so users won’t be able to re-download the content through the backwards compatibility feature to the PS5.” It has now emerged that P.T. was in fact playable on the PS5 but its support was later removed, presumably following a request from Konami but the publisher is batting this one back into Sony’s court.

Folks over at Polygon and GamesRadar both attempted to play P.T. on the PS5 when they received the consoles for review in October, and were successful. However, the demo is no longer playable.

Polygon’s Michael McWhertor wrote:

On Oct. 24, I transferred my copy of P.T. to and played the game on my PS5, picking up from a recent save that carried over from PS4. Then I restarted P.T. from the beginning, and played through a bit more. It seemed to work fine. But in the days leading up to Sony’s PS5 review embargo, the situation changed. P.T. is now listed as a ‘Playable on PS4’ title, meaning it can’t be played on PS5.

GamesRadar’s Leon Hurley corroborated McWhertor’s account.

The PS5 did initially let you transfer P.T. from your PS4 and play it on the new console. Until you couldn’t. I know because I did it, and played it, on a PlayStation 5. However, if you try to repeat the process now you get the message during the transfer process that ‘you can’t use this game or app on the PS5.’ So what happened? It’s unclear and I’ve asked both Sony and Konami for comment. So far Konami has responded asking that I ‘reach out to Sony about the matter,’ while Sony is currently looking into it. 

We’re curious about this situation ourselves and will update our readers when we have more information.

[Source: Polygon, GamesRadar]