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GameStop’s Apparently Asking Associates to Refuse Cyberpunk 2077 Refunds and Redirect Customers to CDPR

The recent Cyberpunk 2077 fiasco has taken yet another turn for the worse as an internal GameStop memo obtained by VICE reveals that the retailer is directing its store employees to refuse refunds.

Worth noting that it’s normal for companies to refuse refunds for opened and used copies of games. However, this particular situation is unique because of CD Projekt RED’s public apology and subsequent offer of a refund for those who don’t want to wait for Cyberpunk 2077 to be patched. As we’ve already reported, platform manufacturers as well as retailers were taken by surprise and inundated with refund requests, a vast majority of which are apparently being denied.

So what’s different about GameStop’s memo? According to the copy published by VICE, the retailer claimed that its message is being “sent on behalf of our partners at CD Projekt RED.” The memo then asks associates to redirect unhappy customers to the developer’s helpline at 

“CDP will issue a patch on 12/21 that should be a major fix to address customers’ concerns about Cyberpunk 2077,” reads GameStop’s message. “If customers are still unhappy and want to return their product, they should be directed to send an email to: for reimbursement directions and refunds issued directly from CDP.”

Unsurprisingly, 12/21 also happens to be the deadline for contacting CD Projekt RED for a refund at the aforementioned email address. So be warned that if you wait for the patch to see if it improves things and remain dissatisfied, you’ll probably miss your chance to obtain a refund.

GameStop hasn’t responded to VICE’s request for comment, and CD Projekt RED said that it has “no further comments to provide at this time.”

[Source: VICE]