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GameStop/Reddit Stock Chaos Has Spurred Multiple Documentaries, Movies, and a TV Show

The Reddit-Wall Street-GameStop fiasco that has been unfolding over the last couple of weeks needs no introduction. The retailer, which had lately only been in the news for its financial troubles and questionable management, found itself in the middle of a stock battle between a Reddit group and Wall Street suits that rattled the Unites States’ stock market and had folks around the world tuning in to get a slice of the action.

Entertainment business leaders certainly didn’t want to be left behind. As reported by Deadline and IGN, the events have spurred multiple movies, documentaries, a book deal, and a television show.

Streaming giant Netflix is currently in the process of finalizing a movie that it has contacted The Hurt Locker and Zero Dark Thirty writer Mark Boal to write. Meanwhile, MGM landed a deal to make a movie based on a book proposal by New York Times’ best-selling author, Ben Mezrich. Not wanting to be left behind, Pinky Promise announced a limited TV series titled To The Moon, and XTR announced a feature documentary that’ll focus on the saga. But wait, we’re not done yet.

On February 5th alone, Deadline reported that Console Wars director Jonah Tulis has already started producing a feature documentary based on the ongoing stock war, and HBO separately jumped into the pool with a scripted feature film with Jason Blum, Andrew Ross Sorkin, and Len Amato. Oof!

This is probably not the kind of attention GameStop’s management ever imagined receiving. What do our readers think?

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